A Day at the paranaple Precinct

The paranaple precinct has become the heart of Devonport’s Living City. It was designed to welcome any local resident or visitor to Devonport and allow us all to come together as a community and celebrate our wonderful city. ‘paranaple’ is the local indigenous name for the part of the Mersey River that flows through Devonport, so it was only fitting that the new precinct was named after this centerpiece of our city, particularly because the project was to open the city up to our beautiful waterfront.

As there are many different buildings, businesses, events and services within the paranaple precinct, we understand the community may get confused about what is what and how they can get the most out of this wonderful facility. So, we had an idea to write about it and give you some insight into what we love about the paranaple precinct and how there is something for everyone here, including YOU!

You might be a small child wanting entertainment, a business person organising a corporate event or a couple looking for a romantic night out. You might be in need of a space to study, wanting to pay your bills efficiently, looking to sample local produce, or just needing a relaxing space to read the newspaper with a coffee. The paranaple centre has been designed in a way that allows every member of the community to enjoy and use it how they need.

The paranaple precinct can be separated into five main areas:

  • The paranaple centre,

  • Providore Place,

  • The paranaple arts centre,

  • Market Square; and

  • The Car Park

So, let’s take a virtual visit to the paranaple precinct, to see what all these spaces have to offer and experience a day in the life of a Devonport resident visiting this wonderful new addition to Devonport...

It’s a beautiful day out and you decide it would be nice to get the kids out of the house. You pack everyone into the car & head in to town to get a few jobs done and of course find something fun for the kids to do while you’re at it. It’s a Friday and you thought the kids might really enjoy one of the organised activities at the Devonport Library at the paranaple centre. Your parents were also planning to visit the new exhibition at the Devonport Regional Gallery today, so maybe you could organise a catch up after? You head straight to the new multi-storey car park because you know you’re guaranteed to get a spot. It’s the closest parking to town, it’s cheap (or free for the first 30 mins) and the best part is, once the kids are out of the car, you don’t have to cross ANY streets to enjoy everything at the paranaple precinct.

It’s still morning so your first stop is coffee, of course! Hudsons Coffee is already open and you can rely on them to whip you up a fresh brew quickly, before the kids kick up a stink. Now you’re fuelled with coffee, you can actually think straight and remember you need to pay your rates! The Devonport City Council office is in the paranaple centre so you make a quick stop past on the way to the library. While the kids are busy with their activities at the library, you have a chance to check out a couple of books for yourself to take home. You also notice how versatile this space has become, there are students here studying, children learning and business people using it as a place to work online as a ‘pop up’ office.

After the library, the kids are in need of some sunshine and fresh air so you head down to the Market Square and run into your parents on their way out of the gallery. The kids are kept busy watching the big screen in the Market Square and running around, while you get a chance to catch up with your parents. They’re telling you all about how much they enjoyed visiting the Providore Place Sunday Markets last weekend, the live music they heard and all the fresh produce they stocked up on for meals this week. It reminds you of your friend who has just started their own business, turning her passion for making personalised jewellery into a small business and you remind yourself to suggest they open a stall at the markets to kick-start their business and grow their customer base.

While talking to your parents, they notice you’re desperately in need of a night out, and they offer to have the kids for the night so you and your husband can enjoy a night out with friends. There’s a comedy show on at the paranaple arts centre you’ve been hearing all about, so you take them up on the offer and decide to make a night of it; drinks, dinner and a hilarious show with friends! Your husband is working at the paranaple centre today, his office was hosting a conference in the paranaple convention centre, so you pop past on your way out to let him know about the plans before heading home.

Once you’re home, you flick a message around to your friends to see who else can make it tonight and book a table for everyone at CharlotteJack for 6pm so you have plenty of time before the show at 8pm, everyone jumps online and books their tickets to the show. Seeing as everyone was free for the afternoon, you all plan to meet at Southern Wild Distillery before dinner.

You drop the kids off at their grandparents on your way to the gin distillery. You and your husband are feeling instantly relaxed; knowing you have a great night ahead without kids, much needed time with friends and plenty of fun at the show. Everyone has a ball at Southern Wild Distillery, sampling all the different gins and you all decide you’ll have to come back another time and have a go at making your own gin! It takes less than a minute to walk from Southern Wild Distillery to CharlotteJack for your booking at 6pm, so there’s no time wasted driving to a different location and no need to find a designated driver, everyone gets to drink tonight!

CharlotteJack put on an exceptional meal, the ambience of the place is perfect for the occasion, there’s live music playing in Providore Place and they make it easy for everyone to share their meals so you all get a taste of something different. The best part is that they source all of their produce locally; one of your mates here tonight owns a farms that provide produce to the restaurant and it’s great to see locals supporting locals!

The comedy show is less than a 5 min walk to the paranaple arts centre, on the same block so everyone can walk there easily; leaving their cars safely secured in the multi-level carpark for a $2 flat rate after 6pm, open 24 hrs daily. After the hilarious comedy show, it’s time to find a way home, so you all wander to the taxi bay, just over the road from the paranaple precinct, leaving your cars safely parked overnight.

Sunday morning you decide to catch up with your friends from Friday night and get all the kids together for a play, at the Providore Markets. The markets are great, there are international foods, beautiful handmade gifts, heaps of fresh produce, live music playing and the kids had a ball playing with the big blue blocks and duplo - the perfect start to your Sunday with friends!

You’ve got some foodie friends visiting from interstate next weekend and you decide the paranaple precinct will be the perfect place to take them when they visit, coming off the Spirit of Tasmania Sunday morning and straight to Providore Place for coffee & brunch. They can attend a cooking class in the new Drysdale Centre, watch Ben Milbourne film his next TV episode, enjoy a meal at CharlotteJack, join a gin tasting at Southern Wild Distillery, and of course visit the Devonport Tourism Office to see what else they can do in and around Devonport & the North West Coast on their visit to Tasmania.

And that’s a wrap, phew! Now, we wouldn’t expect you to do all of this in one day, otherwise you would be sleeping for a week. But we hope this has given you a good idea of just how much the paranaple precinct has to offer. It has something for everyone, young and old, local or visitor and that you’re guaranteed to find something to do when you visit this great new addition to our city, day or night! With the second stage of Devonport’s Living City underway, we’re excited to soon be welcoming more visitors to Devonport, who will be able to utilise the new hotel with approximately 180 rooms. The redeveloped waterfront is going to be a great extension to the paranaple precinct where locals and families can enjoy an outdoor space next to the Mersey River, as well as the new playground to come along with it!

paranaple was built for everyone to enjoy. It was designed with everyone from the community in mind and it’s become a place for us all to meet and come together. With so much going on in one place, it’s hard not to be proud of our great city and what has been achieved at the paranaple precinct. We hope you now have a better idea of how much there is to do and see at the paranaple precinct and you’re able to enjoy this wonderful space as much as we do. We look forward to seeing you down here soon, taking advantage of the wonderful facility and all its services.

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