Meet The Makers - Meander Pasture Raised Eggs

Nan and Danny Tubb started their business, Meander Pasture Raised Eggs, three years ago. They decided they wanted to give a few chooks a good life on their farm and produce eggs from pasture raised hens. From that it has grown considerably with the aim now to have 1200 chooks, plus all the sheep, cattle and dogs!

As you can imagine running a farm is a busy lifestyle! The eggs are collected two to three times daily depending on the season, twice a week the eggs are washed, wiped, grade stamped, packed and stored, this takes a full day. Then the eggs are delivered to all of the outlets. Plus there are a lot of other jobs associated with looking after pasture raised hens.

The chooks are pastured free range which means they are housed in mobile caravans and regularly moved around the 145 acre property onto fresh pasture for daytime foraging.

From sunup to sundown the girls are free to roam wherever they choose, having unrestricted outdoor access with natural grass and native forest areas in a fresh farm air environment. Danny and Nan allow them to express and exhibit their natural “chickeness” - dust bathing to keep feathers clean and healthy, perching, foraging, scratching for extra tasty morsels and just do what happy chooks do to maintain optimum health.

The chook farm is operated with no artificial interference and lighting is never used to encourage laying. Over the cooler months it is essential for chickens to moult and recover from months of hard work laying eggs, which the farm respects and allows.

Danny and Nan love coming to the market at Providore Place. They said “It’s made a huge impact on the business, the market is a happy market with lots of stall variety. Liz and Grant are friendly, helpful and understanding, they do a fantastic job with all aspects of running Providore Place with new and innovative ideas to keep interest.”

Being a stallholder has enabled them to get their story out to consumers regarding ethical pastured egg farming, with the chooks’ health and wellbeing their main priority. The more they can educate people about eggs and egg production, the better.

Nan will be back at our Sunday Markets at the end of August, when her ‘girls” have finished their recovery and are strong and ready for a new egg laying season. In the meantime, come and enjoy all the other great local produce, arts, crafts and food at Providore Place every Sunday.

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