Experience the Wilderness in North West Tasmania

With one fifth of our island state being classed as Tasmanian World Heritage Area, there will be no shortage of places to stop and take in the remarkable natural beauty of wild Tasmania. Protecting this area means we are able to witness mother nature at her best; immerse yourself in sub-tropical ancient rainforests, wild landscapes, and native flora and fauna to really experience what Tasmania is all about.

Renowned for its magnificent bushwalking, Tasmania offers walking experiences for all - from short walks to week long treks, what better way to get amongst the wilderness? North West Tasmania has some of the best walks to offer, Cradle Mountain has over 20 different self guided walks alone. You can walk through this World Heritage Area, being captivated by the breathtaking views, incredible eco-systems, and our native animals like the Tasmanian devil, wombats, pademelons and platypus.

Our wilderness experiences continue further than Cradle Mountain with countless waterfalls to be discovered and hundreds of walking trails that will take you through forests thick with moss, ferns and waterways or along the coast to deserted white-sand coves. Our island state could not be better suited for lovers of the outdoors and we have been spoilt with so much of it found on the NW Coast alone.

Wildlife Experiences

Being the largest wildlife park in Tasmania, Wings Wildlife Park gives you a chance to get up close and personal with our local wildlife. Most of the animals in the park have been permanently injured, and living at Wings Wildlife Park gives them a chance at survival with enclosures to suits their needs. Meet Tassie Devils, Koalas, Kangaroos, Spotted Tail Quolls, Wombats, 24 varieties of birds including the endangered Wedge-Tailed Eagle, 12 different reptiles including Tasmanian snake

s, plus so much more, and you can even book personalised experiences for an even closer encounter with these amazing animals.

Just a short drive from Providore Place is the Narawntapu National Park, a perfect spot to view free-ranging Tasmanian wildlife. At dusk you will see the park come to life with Forester Kangaroos, Bennetts Wallabies and Wombats, plus you’ll no doubt hear the growls and screeches of the Tasmanian Devils hiding in the bush. With a bird watching platform, during the day you will see Honeyeaters, Rosellas, Black Cockatoos, and Twittering Robins, as well as our endangered Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle & White-Bellied Sea Eagles soaring above you. Out here you’ll find a range of short and full day walks to take in the coastline and spot more wildlife along the way. The information centre here is equipped with knowledge about all the walks and wildlife in the area.

If spotting a Platypus is on your bucket list, visiting a slow moving part of any fresh water river in Tasmania’s North West may give you a chance of spotting a Platypus popping his head above water. Remember to be quiet and patient, they will come! To further your chances, read about Kayaking in North West Tasmania here, they like to pop up next to your kayak quite often!

For a fishing adventure to take you into the wilderness, you’ll find more information in our Adventure Blog.

Wilderness Experiences

There’s no better way to experience Tasmania’s wilderness than on foot! Whether you want to go for a couple of kilometres, a full day or a whole week, the hikes and walks in North West Tasmania are endless. There’s no better way to witness Tasmania in all her wildness!

Some of our favourite and most memorable day walks in Tasmania’s North West include:

  • The Stanley Nut

  • Leven Canyon

  • Montezuma Falls

  • Dove Lake Circuit

  • Cradle Mountain Summit

  • Mt Roland

  • Fern Glade

Whether you’re looking for wildlife encounters, spectacular views or stunning waterfalls, Tasmania’s North West will not disappoint. If you’re ready to immerse yourself for a few days or up to a week, we have some great long walks too:

  • Overland Track

  • The Tarkine Rainforest Walk

  • Walls of Jerusalem Experience

This really is just a snippet of the walks and hikes on offer in North West Tasmania. If you’re looking for something different or new, jump on AllTrails and discover a new trail for yourself!

In case you haven’t noticed, we love all things Tasmania, especially in the North West! If you’re looking for a taste of what to expect when exploring our corner of the state, make Providore Place your first stop. We showcase the very best makers, producers, chefs and artisans in our region, all of which have incorporated a bit of Tassie in what they make or do. Located in Devonport, your gateway to North West Tasmania, we would love to give you a glimpse of what’s to come in your adventures.

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