Meet the Makers - Elgaar Farm

Providore Place is very fortunate indeed to have Joe and Antonia Gretschmann and their amazing Elgaar Farm products at the Providore Place Sunday Markets. Elgaar Farm is one of Australia’s leading organic, ethical, multi-generational dairy farms with more than 25 years of production behind them.

Joe and Antonia are driven by a desire to produce milk in the time honoured way and their farming origins began with Joe’s ancestors over 600 years ago in the alpine foothills of Bavaria. When Joe met Antonia (a beautiful and clever Ag-Science student), chemical farming was taking hold. When their first child came along, they began to question this widespread use of chemicals and decided that farming organically was the only way forward.

So, Bavaria’s loss was Tasmania’s gain!

Joe and Antonia wanted to farm without chemicals but in a modern way. They read books, talked to other growers and agricultural researchers, experimented until they found a farming and production system that suited them.

Joe and Antonia believe a good environment to live and work in creates healthy people and animals.

They started with the farm. A cow’s natural environment is on the edges of forests with a diet of many grasses and herbs. To imitate this environment, thousands of trees were planted, the grasses were left to grow taller and they ensured every meadow had a wide variety of legumes, herbs and grasses. All the feed for the herd is grown on the farm, as well as grain for the herd and for human consumption.

Next was to work with their cows in a caring, humane way. The calves run with their mums, their tails are left on. Old cows are retired on the farm. Cows are given longer breaks between calving and the bulls and cows run together.

The interaction of livestock and cropping systems brings great outcomes – more fodder is grown than on perennial pastures, there are large amounts of quality grain for stock and human consumption. There is no need to buy in any grain and water used to green the pasture in summer is much less. And how are these crops fertilized? Supplied by the lovely cows, of course!

And Elgaar Farm’s products – absolutely delicious! But don’t take our word for it – come in and try for yourself! These are world class organic products that are so good for you. The milk, cream, yoghurt, sour cream, marscapone and mouthwatering cheeses are produced in accordance with time honoured cheese making and dairy processing skills. Being family run and small scale means Elgaar Farm is able to oversee every step in the production process and know their product inside out. Elgaar Farm’s award-winning milk, yoghurt and creams picked up another Gold Medal at the delicious. Magazine Produce Awards late last year.

Elgaar Farm also carry their sustainable approach through to their packaging as well. They use only glass bottles and jars for all their products. Customers are encouraged to return the glass jars and bottles so they can scrub, sterilise and refill them. Hand made wooden crates are used to distribute their products.

Elgaar is about saving regenerative farming practices and heritage food traditions, largely lost in our modern food system. Elgaar isn’t just any farm, it’s a way of life which our world needs now more than ever.

Joe, Antonia and all their family love to interact directly with their customers and are at our Sunday Markets every week. They love what they do, and they love to share it with you. Joe is always ready to give you a sample of one or all of his beautiful cheeses and discuss the traditional processes he uses to make them.

And while you’re there take a look at their range of organic oats, spelt flour, rye flour, linseed, French green lentils and more available at their stall each week as well.

How lucky are we to have these amazing organic products so readily available here at Providore Place? Make the most of the opportunity to give your family premium dairy products and amazing organic grains each and every week. And yes, the milk has the cream on the top!!!

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